Wow... do people have stories to share about their chickens! What are yours?

Here is someone describing the most amazing invention of all time --

"A major argument behind having food not spoil by adding questionable chemicals is that the food won’t go to waste. Really? People love futuristic machines so I will describe an amazing device.  Let’s say you take the food scraps that you have left over.  Instead of throwing them in the garbage, your food scraps go in this device that takes all the nutrients and on a daily basis regenerates the food waste into a new compact healthy food product that is already packaged in a protective, natural and non-toxic container. No electricity is necessary, no oil or gas, just add a little water! To make this even better; Instead of throwing the actual "food regenerator" in your land fill or some recycling facility at some point in the future, you simply put the food regenerator in a crock pot and make a few meals out of it. This is no science fiction! It is called a chicken!" __ Stephen Wells