Welcome to the World Records of Chickens!

Here you will find a place where those who appreciate the true value of chickens can share their insights and opinions. There is information about what are believed to be world record chicken accomplishments. Here also you can see reflected what is important in your own personal world of chickens. Perhaps you have something to share - a true life story, a photo or perhaps a category in which you believe one of your chickens deserves an honorable mention. This website is for chicken enthusiasts and those who understand the amazing and incredible national treasure that chickens truly represent in the past, present and future history of America! For some, chickens represent an important food source both through their eggs and for a family meal. For others their chickens have become cherished pets and friends. There are no "sides" here. We can understand and appreciate each others sensitivities and views with respect. We can also agree that unlike some popular misconceptions that exist, chickens are by nature highly social, perceptive and intelligent creatures when given the right circumstances and environment in which to grow and develop.

See the page on "Chicken Attributes" to see the recent new world record size for a chicken -  24.18 pounds set in 2012!